A consortium comprising Stockland and DOMA was appointed as the successful tenderer to deliver the approved Estate Development Plan (EDP) at Red Hill.


Both companies are committed to bringing The Parks Red Hill to life in a way that is sensitive to Red Hill’s existing character and heritage, and enhances the strong community aspects of the suburb, with a neighbourhood village and high-quality architecture capitalising on the views and open spaces.


We have introduced a weekly public notice of forecast works on site. These 'traffic light' reports provide surrounding residents and the wider community with more information and timely updates on work forecast to be carried out on the site.

The reports contain a more detailed description on daily project activities for the coming fortnight.

- Notice of forecast works, week commencing 1 June 2020

- Notice of forecast works, week commencing 25 May 2020



22 May 2020


BMD Urban Pty Ltd (BMD) on behalf of Stockland Development Pty Limited (Stockland) are carrying

out land development and landscaping works in your area.

In the coming weeks, BMD will be required to shut the La Perouse St footpath and verge adjacent to

the project site for the period between 04/06/2020 and 20/07/2020 to the public to construct new

services and a new footpath within the eastern verge of La Perouse St.

TCCS has directed the relocation of the existing La Perouse St bus stop temporarily to a location

adjacent the Red Hill shops. Once the new services and footpath has been constructed, the La

Perouse bus stop will be re-opened. We shall erect way-finding signage to direct bus commuters to

the temporary bus stop location.

The footpath on the northern verge of La Perouse St will remain open to pedestrians for the duration

of the works and there will be signage erected advising the detour route.

We are conscious that this pedestrian route is used regularly by the general public including school

aged children, and to help further ensure their safety, we will be using warning signs to alert drivers to

the changed conditions and temporarily reducing the speed limit in this area in accordance with the

approved Temporary Traffic Management Plan.

Specific works to be undertaken during the road closure will include:

  • Installation of services on La Perouse St

  • Renewal of La Perouse St Bus Stop

  • Construction of new footpath on La Perouse St


This footpath closure is necessary for the safety of both workers and members of the public. Please

be assured that we are working hard to minimise inconvenience for residents, businesses and the

general public.

BMD understand that this may be a short-term inconvenience and hopes to work together with you in

a professional and amicable manner for the long-term improvement of your neighbourhood.


Your patience and co-operation is greatly appreciated while the works are under way. If you have

any questions about these works or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact

BMD or please contact Stockland Community Engagement Manager, Fiona Benson, on 0407 294

620 or at



Designed by the community for a new community

A community-informed masterplan is the foundation of The Parks Red Hill, which will be brought to life by Stockland and DOMA Group in 2019.


This Estate Development Plan for Red Hill was devised by the ACT Government following two years of consultation.


The local zoning applies to the area formerly known as the Red Hill Housing Precinct, opposite the Red Hill shops. It is bordered by La Perouse Street, Discovery Street and Monaro Crescent.


The Red Hill Estate Development Plan sets out the medium-density development that can occur under the ACT Government’s Red Hill precinct zone. Allowable heights range from 9.5m to a maximum of four storeys 16m.


Under the Estate Development Plan, there will be up to 252 dwellings across 52,000 sq m. 


Wide, tree-lined streets will meet open space, bike paths and parks, all within walking distance of local shops
and services.


Masterplan supplied for the purpose of providing an impression of The Parks Red Hill and the approximate location of existing and proposed third party infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations, and is not intended to be used for any other purpose. Indications of location, distance or size are approximate and for indicative purposes only. Subject to change. Not to scale.


We have established a toll-free telephone line for community enquiries, operational during business hours

1800 909 773



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Disclaimer: This website is supplied for the purpose of providing an impression of The Parks, Red Hill and the approximate location of existing and proposed third party infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations, and is not intended to be used for any other purpose. All details, images and statements are based on the intention of, and information available to, Stockland and DOMA as at the time of publication (November 2018) and may change due to future circumstances.