How many dwellings will be built on the site?

The Parks Red Hill is a boutique development in Inner South Canberra developed in accordance with it will be compliant with the Territory Plan and the Red Hill Precinct Map and Code, which was updated in January 2018 to reflect the intentions of the approved EDP. Stockland proposed to deliver up to 25 land lots and 83 townhomes. DOMA proposes to deliver up to 144 apartments. Both Stockland and DOMA are committed to bringing the development to life in accordance with the EDP and in a way that is sensitive to Red Hill’s existing character and heritage, and enhances the strong community aspects of the suburb, with a medium-density neighbourhood village and high-quality architecture capitalising on the views and open spaces.

What provision is being made for parking?

Requirements for parking have been set through the EDP process. We commit to meeting these requirements and in some cases, exceeding them. For example, at Lady Nelson Park it is expected that there will be 22 angled car parks in addition to the requirements. Likewise, DOMA is committed to providing more parking for the apartment blocks than the ACT Government's Parking and Vehicular Guidelines document.

What will happen with parking during construction?

Stockland / DOMA are required to obtain a TCCS-approved Traffic Management Plan which includes construction vehicles movements surrounding the site. Contractors need to comply with this document and requirements of onsite construction parking.

During construction, subcontractors are informed weekly of their parking obligations. Residents and TAMS are encouraged to report any illegal parking.

Residents will be kept informed of traffic management plans ahead of civil works commencing. We will also maintain strong and open lines of communication with neighbouring schools and childcare facilities to ensure any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

How will dust and noise be managed?

The civil contractor & builders are responsible for management of dust onsite. This is generally undertaken by watering areas of the site that are being worked. The contractor is require to obtain an environmental management agreement with the EPA.

Will any roads be closed during construction?

During the civil works there will be partial road closures to ensure the safety and security of local residents and businesses. Any road closures required through construction need to be approved by TCCS ahead of the event. Please refer to the approved Temporary Traffic Management Plan on this site for further details.

What are the plans for landscaping and the redevelopment of Lady Nelson Park?

Stockland will deliver Lady Nelson Park in accordance with the EDP and will be a priority area for completion as part of the project.

Landscaping will be delivered in a high quality, contemporary style in a traditional setting that responds to the existing topography, using local materials and mix of exotic and native planting.

What will happen to the existing trees?

A tree survey has been conducted in accordance with the EDP. All regulated trees will remain on site and are protected. Additional mature trees will be provided for the site.

How will I be kept informed?

We are following ACT Government Guidelines to ensure best practice engagement with the community during the delivery phase of the project. This website will include: *regular updates *answers to frequently asked questions *details of community consultations *contact details and links to further information Residents can also subscribe on this site to receive email updates. Notifications of activities such as partial road closures will also be communicated via letterbox drops to residents in the local area. We have established a toll-free telephone line for community enquiries, operational during business hours, in addition to community information sessions. We will engage with all interested residents and resident groups, including proactively sending information to all those who participated in the EDP consultations.

What can we expect for the design of the apartments?

As the developer of the apartments, DOMA's design intent is to create six residential-scale buildings that could easily be read as the large townhomes that can be found in Paris or London. DOMA has purposely tried to eliminate the typical protruding balconies that are common on most apartment buildings in an attempt to tie our buildings in with the suburban aesthetic found elsewhere in Red Hill. Architects are working to a brief for apartments that are larger than standard Canberra units. DOMA expects that the majority of units will be 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments.

What is the maximum allowable height of the development?

The maximum building height will be compliant with the Territory Plan and the Red Hill Precinct Map and Code, which was updated in January 2018 to reflect the intentions of the EDP.

Will the developers seek to alter the EDP or the Red Hill Precinct Code?

We do not anticipate any significant changes to the EDP or the Red Hill Precinct Code, with some minor enhancements only currently under consideration to approve the amenity and functionality of the site for residents. The only minor change to the EDP relates to driveway entrances, which we believe will improve the overall precinct and wider Red Hill's connectivity to the new Lady Nelson Park and existing Red Hill Shops. We are consulting with EPSDD on these proposed changes and the community.

What is the townhome design?

The design of the townhomes is in the early phase.

Stockland will make development applications for the townhomes. Most will be exempt from DA due to the existing EDP.

Stockland will design and deliver all townhomes which will ensure consistency in character across the development but also appropriate product diversity.

Will there be an on-site office?

Stockland’s Civil Contractor / Builder will have on-site offices.

DOMA’s builder will have a site office located on-site during the construction phase.