Approved Temporary Traffic Management plan

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

As foreshadowed at the end of last year, civil and landscaping works on the site have now commenced.

This means that our approved Temporary Traffic Management plan has come into effect.

You can download a copy of the approved plan here:

Approved Temporary Traffic Management plan - Map

Approved Temporary Traffic Management plan - Authorisation

Temporary road closures & upgrades

We would like to take this opportunity to provide further information as to why this plan requires some temporary road closures.

In summary the closures are to enable the disconnection and removal of existing services, the construction of new services and replacement of existing road pavements with new ones. These road closures include:

  • Partial closure of Discovery Street in both directions between Monaro Crescent and La Perouse Street. We will endeavor to expedite these works to enable partial re-opening of the road from La Perouse. We are currently in discussions with authorities to enable this to happen and will provide further correspondence on estimated time frames.

  • Partial closure of Cygnet Crescent in both directions between Endeavour Street and La Perouse Street.

  • Lady Nelson Place in both directions from La Perouse Street to Monaro Crescent.

  • Partial closure of Norfolk Street in both directions from 4 Norfolk Street to Cygnet Crescent

  • Laneways across the site.

Continual public access will be maintained for Cygnet Crescent to Endeavour Street by way of detours.

Why are closures required?

The approved Temporary Traffic Management plan includes laneway and road closures to ensure the safety and security of local residents and visitors. The plan reduces the risk of pedestrians and vehicles in the vicinity of trucks, machinery and the like.

Community safety is our priority.

The closures also enable us to carry out significant upgrades from which the whole community will benefit, including to the road surfaces, kerb and guttering and footpaths, as well as extensive landscaping and establishment of the new communal parks. Refer to the following link for a description of new roads within the site.

Download the map of new roads and walkways

Our contractor, BMD Urban, wrote to surrounding residents in January providing an overview of these works (see updatefrom 15/01/19 for background).

Significant excavations of existing roadways on the site are also required to install deep stormwater and sewerage services, together with other services such as gas, water, electricity and fibre-optic cabling.

A large number of these new services will be run underneath Discovery Street and culminate at an intersection opposite the existing shops. At the same time, Discovery Street itself will be subject to a major upgrade with excavation and improvement of the existing road surface and bed.

How long will the closures last?

We will endeavor to minimise the length of closures and any inconvenience they cause to the community, however safety is our paramount concern.

We will keep the community updated on the expected length of walkway, laneway and road closures as the project progresses.


The Temporary Traffic Management Plan includes the movement of construction vehicles in and around the site.

Contractors are required to comply with this document and its requirement for onsite parking. Subcontractors are reminded of this obligation weekly.

The project, at its completion, will see the delivery of additional on street parking across the site as well as resident and visitor parking in excess of government requirements.