August monthly site works update

Please find below a summary of works completed onsite at The Parks Red Hill in July 2020 and an outline of upcoming works for the month of August.

Works completed over prior month(s) (July 2020)

· ACM remediation works

o Lot 1 – Tree Protection Zone ACM removal

o Lot 8 – Stockpile SP21 Removal

· Civil Works

o Hydraulics – Sewer structures in Lots 4, 7 & 8

o Hydraulics – Stormwater structures in Lot 4, 7 & 8

o Hydraulics – Water mains testing in Lot 1 (Monaro Cr/ Cygnet Cr watermain)

o Hydraulics – Water service ties

o Hydraulics – Sewer main Lots 4 & 7

o Hydraulics – Stormwater mains in Lot 4 & 8

o Hydraulics - Stormwater structures in Lot 4 & 8

· Roads & Footpaths

o Kerb installation – Discovery St (La Perouse St section) Cygnet Cr, Walterhood Lane, Thermopylae Lane & Cutty Sark Lane

o Footpath installation (concrete) – Lady Nelson Pl & Cygnet Cr

o Asphalt – Lady Nelson Place, Cimba Lane, Aviemore Lane & Discovery St (Monaro Cr section)

o Footpath subbase installation – Lot 1

o DGB installation – Thermopylae Lane and Cutty Sark Lane

Planned works ahead over next month (August 2020)

· Civil Works

o Hydraulics – Sewer Testing – All Lots

o Hydraulics – Sewer main installation - Lot 2

o Hydraulics – Stormwater Testing – All Lots

o Hydraulics – Stormwater installation (La Perouse St)

o Hydraulics – Water services – Lot 2

o Hydraulics – Water services Testing and commissioning – All new mains

o Asphalt - Cygnet Cr, Walterhood Lane, Thermopylae Lane and Cutty Sark Lane

o Kerb installation – Cygnet Cr

o Footpath – Discovery St & Cygnet Crescent

o Driveways, Cygnet Crescent

· Common Services

o Common Services Trenches backfill – All Lots

o Streetlight poles installation – All Lots

· Landscaping

o Lot 5 – Park & playground installation preparation works

· Offsite works

o La Perouse Bus Stop construction

o Endeavour St proprietary speed cushion installation

o La Perouse concrete island and pram ramps

Potential Changes to Traffic Pedestrian Changes etc

· Discovery Street (from La Perouse St) closed up to the Display Village

· La Perouse verge / footpath closed – expected re-open late August 2020

· Norfolk St closed

· Endeavour Street to Cygnet Crescent section Closed

· Temporary footpaths

o Cygnet Crescent

o Endeavour St

Community / Environmental / WHS

· Stakeholder Notice Board

o Notice board to advise Red Hill community of project weekly updates

o Key project changes including traffic management updates to be include on the Notice Board at the Shopping Centre

· Dust Management

  • Dust suppression utilised in work areas

  • Noise Management

  • All noisy activities to be managed in line with the TCCS guidelines

  • Prior notification of residents of excessive noise activities to be made

  • Contractor Parking

  • All parking sites for contractors are within the site boundary

  • Contractors to notified during induction / weekly meetings to park within dedicated zones

  • Truck haul routes

  • Dalrymple St is not being used as trucking haul route

  • All haulage to be carried out between the hours of 0700hrs and 1700hrs. No haulage to be conducted during the school drop off and pick up hours, 0800hrs to 0900hrs and 1500hrs to 1600hrs

· UAV Surveys

o Drone flights used only for daily site surveys (volumetric calculations, progress photos, stockpile management and progress tracking)

o Drone flight managed in line with CASA guidelines

o Flights conducted to be conducted only after 7am once a week (either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning)


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