Haul routes

The Temporary Traffic Management Plan (TTMP) approved by TCCS includes specified haul routes and heavy vehicle access gates.

There are two heavy vehicle access gates, one on the corner of Monaro and Cygnet Crescents, and one on the corner of La Perouse Street and Cygnet Crescent.

The haul routes include part of Monaro Crescent, Mugga Way, Tamar Street, La Perouse Street, Carnegie Crescent and Jerrabomberra Avenue.

The routes are displayed in the map below:

Approved haul routes and heavy vehicle access gates

Importantly, the TTMP authorisation does not permit construction vehicle access / egress through designated school zones during the peak school drop off / pick up times of 8.15 am-9.00 am and 2.45pm – 3.30 pm on school days.


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