Pedestrian access – Cygnet Crescent

In response to concerns expressed from the community about pedestrian access on Cygnet Crescent access between Monaro Crescent and Endeavour Street Stockland’s civil contractors BMD Urban will be installing a temporary footpath in the coming weeks.

The temporary gravelled footpath will provide safe pedestrian access between Endeavour Street and Cygnet Crescent and connect with the existing footpath from Cygnet Crescent to Monaro Crescent. The fencing on this section of the site will be moved back to accommodate the new temporary footpath between the fence and the curb.

The temporary footpath will remain in place for the next few months until works commence on this section of the site to carry out remediation, install services and permanently upgrade roads and walkways. We will provide a further update ahead of this work commencing.

Stockland is committed to the safety and wellbeing of the community and thanks residents for providing an opportunity to address concerns of this nature.