BMD will be required to extend the shutdown of the La Perouse St verge adjacent to the project site until the 7thof September. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The delay has occurred due to excavation design levels for the new Sewer / Stormwater and Bus Stops Works being impeded by the quantity and level of tree roots discovered once works commenced. This necessitated a redesign and re-approval from Icon and TCCS.

We have been able to achieve the following works during this time:

· Relocation of the bus stop and associated concrete works

· 50% hydro excavation stormwater

· Preparation of footpath

The temporary bus stop will remain in its temporary re-located position adjacent to the Red Hill shopping centre and the footpath on the northern verge of La Perouse St will remain open.

We are working hard to return this land to public use as soon as practicable.

Your patience and co-operation is greatly appreciated while the works are under way. If you have any questions about these works or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact BMD.

Red Hill Precinct Development - La Perou
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