Walkway & footpath temporary closures & upgrades

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

As with the roadways, walkways through the site have also been closed temporarily for both safety and servicing reasons. We will also need to have alternate means of pedestrian management along Monaro Crescent and La Perouse St.

At the top of the site (adjacent to Beagle Street) a large number of services need to be installed along one of the existing pedestrian walkways and a new road will be cut along both pedestrian walkways in the vicinity. The existing road is also being replaced and upgraded.

Upgrades across the site include new and improved footpaths and pedestrian accessways, which together with the parks and landscaping will deliver a vastly improved public area for the whole community.

Existing footpath / walkway along Monaro Crescent

Under the Estate development Plan, we are required to upgrade the street verge and footpaths along Monaro Crescent including the creation of new intersections and new services. BMD Urban are required to obtain approval from TCCS for a Temporary Traffic Management plan for this specific area. They are in the process of obtaining approval from the authority.

As the verge is not suitable for pedestrian access, the proposal to TCCS will have pedestrians detoured onto the side of the road to walk around the works. There will be a suitable and approved protection barrier for pedestrians. We will provide a further correspondence to the community once TCCS has provided approval and advised of their requirements. This will also include an estimated timeframe for the works.

Refer to the below plan which describes the works required along Monaro Crescent.

Footpath works on Monaro Crescent

Existing footpath / walkway along La Perouse – South Side

Similarly to the Monaro Crescent side, the southern footpath / walkway along La Perouse St will need to be closed to enable new services and roadway entry points.

This closure is under discussions with the authority. We will provide further correspondence to the community once TCCS have provided their requirements. This will also include an estimated timeframe of the works.

Footpath works La Perouse St

Questions or concerns?

We understand that the temporary road closures may cause inconvenience for some members of the community and we appreciate your patience as we aim to complete this work as efficiently as possible and look forward to the benefits this work will deliver to the community when it is complete.

We have a team on hand to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them tollfree on 1800 909 773, directly via mobile on 0407294620 or at info@theparksredhillcommunity.com.au


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